Locally grown and family owned lawn service business in Jacksonville, North Carolina


We are a locally grown and family owned business here in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We have been servicing the Onslow County community for over 15 years, and offer a range of services to best fit whatever needs you may have for your property. We are fully insured, and always guarantee our work. Our greatest delight as a local business is the satisfaction of our clients.

“We must always do good work. At a profit if we can. At a loss if we must. But we must do good work.”

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Lawn Mower

Using commericial-grade lawn mowers to cut grass down to a desired height



Creating a defined space between grass and any patio surface or flower bed

String Trimming

Weed Wacker

Cleaning up and detailing any area our lawn mowers can't get to

Blowing Off

Leaf Blower

Cleaning lawn debris off of any and all patio and concrete surfaces

Bush Trimming

Bush Trimmers

Trimming up and shaping bushes to keep them healthy and tamed

Flower Beds

Bush Trimmers

Maintaining beds by de-weeding and spraying selective herbicides/pre-emergents

We also offer additional lawn services on top of what is listed here — Contact Us for more information.


Thank you for choosing Native Son Lawn Services as your primary lawn care provider. Our highest priority is the delight and satisfaction of our clients. In an attempt to streamline productivity and profitability, as well as ensure quality, we have implemented these Terms Of Service. While there are no contracts to be signed, you agree to these terms upon hiring us to service your property.

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• All estimates for service are given in person. We will do a walk-through of the property and determine a fair price for maintaining the property. Services included with this price are mowing, string trimming, edging, and blowing off. All other services (flower bed maintenance, tree / shrub trimming, etc.) will be priced out separately. Upon request, we can do an alternate service plan where the price reflects all services inclusively. Properties that have not been maintained on a regular basis may be subject to an initial cleanup fee. Pricing varies upon the condition of the property. This fee is implemented to cover us on the amount of extra time, gas, and labor spent to get the property back in manageable condition. Some things that may warrant this fee are overgrown grass, overgrown edging, overgrown shrubbery, etc.

• Our cutting season begins in April and extends through the end of October. We offer weekly and biweekly scheduling. During the months of November through March, scheduling drops back 50% (weekly to biweekly and biweekly to monthly). At the customer's request, they can remain on the same schedule through the Fall and Winter months. If service is discontinued through the off season, the customer may be subject to an additional cleanup fee, depending on the condition of the property upon reinstatement of service.

• For billing, we use a charge card on file system. Customers will receive a secured link via email, where they can populate their card information into our billing software. For security purposes, we never see any of this information. At the end of each month, we will cash out for the amount due for service. We will not have the ability to put a hold on a card. So in the event a card is declined, we will send a separate invoice via email and service will be suspended until the balance is paid. Additional payment options include monthly prepayment via cash, check, or card. Please note, if a balance goes unpaid, we will send out reminders. For every month the balance remains, there will be a $15 late fee. After 3 months of nonpayment, the customers information will be submitted to a collection agency.

Once service has been started on the property, there are a few things to take note of in order to help us perform our job to the best of our ability. To avoid any additional charges being added to the lawn bill, the customers compliance with this list is greatly appreciated.

• For a lawn care business to run efficiently, we try to create a thick “route density”. This means that all of the properties we visit that day are carefully and strategically mapped out beforehand to ensure minimal travel time between yards, thus creating larger profit margins for our business. This helps us to combat fluctuating gas prices without having to constantly adjust the price of servicing a property. If we are unable to do the yard (customer tells us not to cut without proper notice, there is a locked gate without a key / key code, etc.), there will be a $10 “Return Fee” to adjust our scheduling and come back a different day. Otherwise, the property will be pushed back until the next scheduled visit date. In the event that this happens, an additional “cleanup fee” may be charged depending on the condition of the property.

• We service anywhere between 10-20 properties a day. Some of our customers go the extra mile in between lawn visits to get their yard in peak condition. When customers do not pick up their pet waste, it gets stuck in the tread of our tires and / our boots, as well as around the blades underneath the lawn mower deck. Which in turn results in us having to take the extra time to rinse and wash the waste off of our equipment to prevent from spreading it in our other yards. Pet waste carries all forms of disease and fungus, which can affect the quality and life of your lawn! That being said, there is a $5 charge for excessive pet waste on the property!

• Our hope when driving up to service a customer’s lawn, is that we can perform our duties in a timely matter, without sacrificing quality of work! Once our machines are turned on, time spent away from them before service of the property is complete eats into productivity. We ask that our clients do their best to keep their property clean on service dates. This way, we aren’t spending extra time in the yard, picking up trash, toys, etc. There will be a $10 fee for any additional time spent cleaning up excessive amounts of trash, toys, garden hoses, and other miscellaneous items.

• Please take note! We will mow around items in the yard (such as trampolines, pools, etc.) At the customer's request, we will move them and mow under them. But upon doing so, we assume no liability and will not be responsible for any damages.

As a locally owned and operated business, we aim to operate with the highest level of integrity and respect. We will always handle any grievance with this goal in mind. If we damage something while on the property, we are fully insured, and will do our best to fix / replace the damaged item(s). We also fully guarantee all of our work. If a customer is not satisfied, we will return to the property as soon as possible to correct the issue in a timely manner and amend the situation. If a customer decides they would like to stop utilizing our services, for whatever reason, they will be issued a refund for any work that has been paid for, but not completed.

This business prides itself on working as closely as we can with our customers to make sure they are consistently satisfied with our work. If a customer ever has any questions, concerns, or complaints, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Thank you so much for your business! We look forward to building a relationship with you as one of our valued clients.

-Mike Mitchell

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